To Qualify for Wholesale Pricing

If you are in business here in Florida:

  1. Provide documentation of status as a business selling plants.
    • Resale Certificate from State Department of Revenue  AND
    • License as Dealer in Agricultural Products or Stock Dealer Registration from Dept. of Ag.
  2. Purchase in wholesale quantities.
    • Case lots
    • Minimum purchase of $100  (We do not deliver, so keep in mind that the trucker you use may also have a minimum to avoid pick-up charges)
  3. Purchase items as listed on wholesale availability.
    • Assortments are either Grower’s Choice or should be picked out by customers on site.
      • For customer’s on site selections, some choices (e.g. oversized or rare plants) are priced higher
    • Varieties not on the availability are not sold in solid cases


If you are purchasing from out of state:

  1. Please send a business license and we can proceed from there.


Special requests will be accommodated when possible, but will involve a 20% or more upcharge.

When you have your paperwork ready, please email it to and we will be happy to send you a password to access our availability!

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